Delivering on-demand, carbon-free electricity to Australia

North Harbour Clean Energy is an Australian energy storage business with a vision to deliver firm, on-demand and carbon-free electricity when Australian’s need it most.

At North Harbour Clean Energy, we are focussing on industry-leading technology that is available today and can reliably deliver on-demand carbon-free electricity.

North Harbour Clean Energy is also focussed on the future. We are driving advancement in local energy storage ingenuity through the exploration of new applications of existing technology, the creation of new digital solutions and the establishment of local manufacturing so that Australia can capture the incredible opportunity that the energy transition presents.

Our Values


North Harbour Clean Energy has significant energy sector experience across design, construction, commercial operations and financing and investment in projects.

what we do

At North Harbour Clean Energy, we are focussing on operationaly proven energy storage technologies.



Energy storage will play a critical role in decarbonising the electricity system and reducing global carbon emissions. Renewable sources of generation rely on the elements, such as wind and sunshine. When the wind isn’t blowing and the sun isn’t shining, energy storage will ensure Australians can still turn their lights on at a reasonable price. 

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