Australia one step closer to 24/7 green power supply with North Harbour Clean Energy and CellCube

We are proud to announce our role in helping Australia become one step closer to 24/7 green power supply.

Today, we announced a joint venture with CellCube, a global leader for Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries, to build an assembly and manufacturing line in Eastern Australia to meet GWh demand for long-duration energy storage in the National Electricity Market.

Our first project is to develop the continent’s largest VRFB, which generates 4MW / 16MWh.

There is significant demand for long duration energy storage systems such as VRFBs to allow for 24/7 delivery of carbon free electricity to meet net-zero goals driven by the demand to meet our nation’s legislated carbon reduction targets and the rapid build out of utility-scale variable renewable energy together with the accelerated shutdown of baseload coal-fired generators.

Our founder Tony Schultz said: “We are excited to bring manufacturing of this Australian-invented and critical energy storage technology to Australia with our strategic partner CellCube.

“NHCE and CellCube will collectively review and select the best sites to deliver initial annual production capacity of at least 40MW/160MWh, with a target of 1000MW/8000MWh per year and creating more than 200 new jobs in the short term.”

Our Executive Director of Development Steve Banning said the Agreement’s objective was to provide 24/7 green power supply arrangements to support industrial and commercial customers looking to increase their use of renewable energy sources, and who face severe issues on power quality, grid constraints, rising network costs and high-power prices.

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